Tag: Brand Storytelling San Diego

Do you wear your shirt; or play it? This series of surreal vignettes frame the Adidas Golf team in the moment of contact.

Gotta love the multi-cam time slicing matrix effect. The shirts look pretty nice, too. NYCA produced these spots and brought Mavis Media in to design and animate the graphic tags.

Golf courses become interactive in this :30 spot we produced and directed in collaboration with NYCA.

With all the recent excitement about ditching the big banks and switching to credit unions, I thought it’d be a good time to post this spot we produced a long time ago for USE Credit Union.

We had a great time cooking with Ross Mathews at his home in LA. He was amazing to work with; a natural on camera. We shot, animated and edited this series of webisodes for the kind people at Jenny Craig Inc.

Quiksilver | Revolution Blues | Harness Restlessness