Tag: Mavis Media Video Production

When Scheib happens…Mavis Media directed and produced this series of spots for good ‘ole Earl Scheib.

Here’s a montage of various projects Mavis Media has done for corporate communications, trade shows, B2B, training, and more!

We had a great time cooking with Ross Mathews at his home in LA. He was amazing to work with; a natural on camera. We shot, animated and edited this series of webisodes for the kind people at Jenny Craig Inc.

“Anything dangerous, and I’m in!” claims pro-BMX’er T.J. Lavin in this video we worked on for SoyJoy.

What a way to live (or die). I’d much rather be sitting at a computer all safe and sound making motion graphics like you see in this here video. Special thanks to Director Nicholas Kleczewski and Park Group.