Tag: Live Action

Rita is hot! We shot this at the locally world famous La Paloma theater in Encinitas, CA.

Golf courses become interactive in this :30 spot we produced and directed in collaboration with NYCA.

When Scheib happens…Mavis Media directed and produced this series of spots for good ‘ole Earl Scheib.

With all the recent excitement about ditching the big banks and switching to credit unions, I thought it’d be a good time to post this spot we produced a long time ago for USE Credit Union.

Larger-than-life snowboarder’s in-studio footage composited with exterior shots comprise this hypnotic branded piece.

An animated short film about love; directed by Brandon Hirzel and produced by Mavis Media. Diablo Dimes composed the music track specifically for this piece.

We followed visionary apparel designer John Ashworth around for a day on the golf course and around his neighborhood, as he shared his perspectives on life, fashion and golf.

We had a great time cooking with Ross Mathews at his home in LA. He was amazing to work with; a natural on camera. We shot, animated and edited this series of webisodes for the kind people at Jenny Craig Inc.