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Doin it for the Kids – show intros

0 is a website designed specifically for kids and features original content for news and entertainment. Mavis Media recently designed, animated and scored these little show-intros for them.

Time Lapse Painting


Shot over three days in a Brooklyn, NY warehouse, on a 25-foot wide canvas.

Music Tree Animation


This fully animated short illustrates the evolution of music, and how different genres are all interrelated.

Modicum | Wicked | Music Video


Rita is hot! We shot this at the locally world famous La Paloma theater in Encinitas, CA.

Vans | Bucky Lasek | Wild in the Streets


A high contrast animated mash-up featuring Bucky Lasek, and Circle Jerks. An all time favorite here at Mavis Media. Animated in collaboration with Window Seat Pictures.

Adidas Golf: Golf Shirt multi-cam time slicing matrix effect


Do you wear your shirt; or play it? This series of surreal vignettes frame the Adidas Golf team in the moment of contact.

Gotta love the multi-cam time slicing matrix effect. The shirts look pretty nice, too. NYCA produced these spots and brought Mavis Media in to design and animate the graphic tags.

SkyCaddie – interactive golf courses


Golf courses become interactive in this :30 spot we produced and directed in collaboration with NYCA.

Earl Scheib | Scheib Happens!


When Scheib happens…Mavis Media directed and produced this series of spots for good ‘ole Earl Scheib.

USE Credit Union spot


With all the recent excitement about ditching the big banks and switching to credit unions, I thought it’d be a good time to post this spot we produced a long time ago for USE Credit Union.

LA Times featuring Michael Bay – bookends


This spot for LA Times features a behind the scenes look at director Michael Bay on-set and in action.

We created the bookends for these with some wicked matte painting by Ron Lemen. The shoot was amazing…at a house high atop Hollywood Hills with an infinity pool.