Tag: Motion Graphics

Dasani Water | Ecographics spot Produced by Mavis Media.

This fully animated short illustrates the evolution of music, and how different genres are all interrelated.

A high contrast animated mash-up featuring Bucky Lasek, and Circle Jerks. An all time favorite here at Mavis Media. Animated in collaboration with Window Seat Pictures.

Do you wear your shirt; or play it? This series of surreal vignettes frame the Adidas Golf team in the moment of contact.

Gotta love the multi-cam time slicing matrix effect. The shirts look pretty nice, too. NYCA produced these spots and brought Mavis Media in to design and animate the graphic tags.

Golf courses become interactive in this :30 spot we produced and directed in collaboration with NYCA.

We produced and directed this spot for Hurley, to demonstrate the water resist and flexibility features of the Phantom board short.

This was our first go at animating water in 3D using Realflow. It was amazing shooting this in Bali with the RedCam.

This fun music-driven montage documents the Quiksilver surf team’s adventures while traveling in Mexico. Check out the insane bull riding at the end!

The Quiksilver skate team hops trains in this live-action / motion graphic montage. Art design/direction by Natas Kaupas

Larger-than-life snowboarder’s in-studio footage composited with exterior shots comprise this hypnotic branded piece.

NYCA produced this spot and brought Mavis Media in to design and animate the graphic bumpers.

I happened to be filming in Bali, and saw this on TV way over there on the other side of the world!…it was an amazing moment.